onsdag den 19. juli 2017

Where do I live ?

Some of you show photos from your hometown and I enjoy seeing them.
Some of you have asked where do you live? well, I decided to show you some photos from my hometown Elsinore
I live surrounded by water in a small country called Denmark
You can go check out the links I added here in the text.

you can ofcause click on photos to make them large.
I live near by the waterfront there is only 3 km from my home then Iam by the sea which i love very much and look at almost every day. My city is just beside it.
I take long walks around Kronborg castle and enjoy the view.
from Elsinore you have a great view to country Sweden
We enjoy the Danish countryside with its many thousands of kilometres of coastline

we have a great castle in my town called Kronborg, Kronborg Castle is one of Northern Europe's most important Renaissance castles and is famous throughout the world for being the scene of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
We can see the castle from nearly all around Elsinore

We have nice beaches, a Camping plot and a nice town.

There are about 62,000 people living in Elsinore, and we have many turist around the clock, mostly Swedish people as they live near by
The distance between Denmark (Elsinore) and Sweden (Helsingborg is about 4 km and we sail between it
I hope you had a great time reading and looking around here.

Botanical cards with animals

Botanical Bird and stamped houses 5.

Botanical animals and stamped houses 3.

Botanical animals and stamped houses 2.

tirsdag den 18. juli 2017

Botanical animals and stamped houses 1.

Syntes jeg MANGLEDE...lidt...

I thought I needed some things that I probably did not need !
-but I was tempted by these beautiful items

syntes jeg manglede...heh heh goodies fra Den Kreative Kælder
Vi mangler sikkert ikke noget som helst men jeg blev alligevel fristet..og den Kreative Kælder er bare effektive og hurtige..på trods af postvæsenet
flot flot og så får man en lille ekstra gave med

Duck on card again...

fredag den 14. juli 2017

Modeling paste and birds - Card 2

Modeling paste and birds - Card 1

This time i used modeling paste, a stencil, stamps, used my pen strokes and OFCAUSE my watercolour for background
at last I added some botanical birds

Denne gang har jeg brugt modeling paste, stencil, stempler og botaniske fugle så klart. - jeg har brugt sort tush til de sidste detaljer

torsdag den 13. juli 2017

Ducks and watercolour flower - card 2

One more of my Duck cards, hope you like

Ducks and watercolour flower - card 1

Denne gang en " Art blomst" malet af mig, og stemplet med de skønne ænder fra Crafty Individuals
Jeg har lagt en masse streger og skygger på og tegner også blomstens blade og stængler selv

This time i show you my - Artistic Art flower" painted in Watercolour and with the lovely ducks on from Crafty Individuals, I do love those
also pls. note i put alot of pen drawings to the card myself, branches, shadow, small things...

Thanks for comming to my blog I really appreciate it
I always have something waiting to be published, blog everyday